What You Can Expect

If you are requesting assistance

Someone will be in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss the request and gather any additional information needed or to have you make selections if you are requesting food delivery. If you do not hear from anyone in that time frame, please contact us.

Generally speaking, once we have spoken with you via phone or connected with you via email, you should receive assistance or delivery within another 24-48 hours from the time the intake was performed. You will be asked to provide details regarding your request, as well as a few options for delivery drop off times, so that we can connect available volunteers to your request.

If you are a restaurant or food provider

Once you initially register with us, you will be contacted within 24 hours to obtain additional information and to discuss how ordering and pick-up will occur. We want to be sure we are only ordering during your available hours, and we also will need to know things like whether you are able to cater, if you offer family style meals or if you only do single serve meals. After you are set up in our system, you will be placed on the available list of restaurants from which those requesting assistance can select. Orders will be placed as they are requested.

If you are donating money

Money is donated through our online portal (or other ways shown below) and immediately becomes available to serve those in need. 100% of donations are used entirely to fund requests made through Frontline Helper. We take no administrative or any other fees. You may donate via our online portal, Venmo, or Zelle.

If you are donating your time to pick up and deliver food, groceries or supplies

Orders will be placed and paid for to the restaurant or food provider by the Frontline Helper Administrator. You will be contacted to see if you are available during the pick-up and delivery window requested by the individual requestor. If you are not available, no problem! We will ask another volunteer.

If you are offering child or eldercare assistance

We ask that you gather any relevant experience you have documented (e.g. resume, certifications, etc.), so that you are able to share it with the requestor. If you have been registered with the county, please let us know. Other pertinent details are things like whether or not you are CPR certified, any special certifications you have, experience with certain populations of children (e.g. special needs) or elderly (e.g. dementia), or anything else you deem appropriate.

Frontline Helper is not able to provide any insurance or liability coverage for you. All agreements, contracts and understandings will be made by and between you and the requestor, should you agree to move forward with an engagement or arrangement. Some individuals will be in a position to compensate you for your time. Others will not be in a position to do so. While we will do our best to obtain that information before we contact you, please also confirm that understanding when you come to agreement with the requestor.