About Frontline Helper

Why Was Frontline Helper Founded?

During the response to COVID-19, healthcare personnel, grocery workers and first responders are called upon to work extra hours and may need assistance with food deliveries, child and/or eldercare. For example, imagine working a 10-12 hour shift and realizing that when you get home, there is no food to make dinner for your family because you haven’t had time to shop. Or perhaps your daycare has closed down and so your kids are home alone trying to do their distance learning on their own. Local restaurants face financial hardship as well, due to reduced, in-person patronage. We think we can help with all of that. We are a community of people who have come together to volunteer our helping hands to assist those who are on the frontline helping others during COVID-19. We operate from a spirit of servant leadership, which is characterized by things like listening and understanding; acceptance and empathy; awareness; and rebuilding community.

How Does it Work?

We’re like Instacart, Uber Eats, and Care.com rolled into one, except free of charge! We match those in need (who need food delivered, babysitting or eldercare provided, or supplies delivered) with volunteers who have donated money, transportation/delivery services, or child/eldercare providers. We use the money to purchase food from restaurants and local grocers and co-ops, thereby helping our local restaurants and businesses stay open.

Engage with Us!

Whether you would like to sign up for a delivery or assistance or you would like to volunteer, we welcome you! If you need help, you are invited to submit a request for help. If you can help, provide assistance, or are a local restaurant or food provider, please sign up to provide help.